Monday, September 28, 2015

Writers' Grotto Reception

Lovely Reception saturday eve at The Writers' Grotto in San Francisco.  Here I am with Laura Fraser and Judith Barringer, in front of my painting, "veiling/revealing"...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

More from Otranto

Hot and humid but i used the hat and later when it was too hot for that, i used an umbrella ( violet)!

When I was hungry, I took lunch by the sea!

there were cooking lessons!

WE MADE THESE (stuffed zucchini flowers)- squisiti!!!

there was an opening party...white shirt= director, Marthe Keller...

Last night in Rome- selfie in a taxi!

Hi Friends- I want to share my experience at Bau Institute in Otranto Italy with you.  I spent a month there painting in a 13th century castle (and eating great pasta i must admit):

Castello Aragonese, Otranto Italy

Sunday, March 1, 2015

installing show at The Grotto, San Francisco

Hi Friends- new stuff:

More new paintings coming this week on my site, from the "divining water" series.  Also, some of these paintings are being handled by Cheryl Modica at 2274 Union Street, San Francisco!

SFMOMA Artists" gallery is handling some of the "subtext" series!

And, a new show just opened at The Grotto on 2nd street in San Francisco.  In it are some of my really big paintings from the series, "veiling/revealing", and "meditations and muses".  viewing by appointment (415-671-3891)
will post pics of this...waiting to hear from you!