Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've been asked to explain my process, and here it is--at least as of today after having been out of studio for several months (due to health problems in the family):
Clueless!  played Bach partitas, LucindaWilliams...plus lots of coffee...  I scraped down an older painting (my work is on wood, so scraping is possible).  More Williams and some Toninho Horta.  Put lots of paint on the wood, using squeegies and rags...and whatever.  Discovered some fabulous images and proceeded to tickle them to life.  I think there has to be a dialog between the work and the painter and maybe some inspiration from the angel of paint.  I'm trying to bring the thing to life.
Tomorrow, I will answer the questions:  1)  What is "the thing"?  2)  Did I make something worth pursuing into another session; or will I start again with the scraper?

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